June 28, 2015


…in the studio working on a new series.

is now live!

i'm hoping that this new site with its fresher look is easier on the eyes and interesting to navigate, and am looking forward to a slightly more focused path (but of course always reserving the right to deviate from time to time :-)

there is a blog page on the website that will serve as a place for my ramblings, news and new painting info, shows etc, or you can sign up for updates/new painting notifications.  i'm tempted to simply use instagram instead of posting actual blog entries but we'll see how it goes.  it's pretty easy to take a photo and caption it…and maybe i'd be more inclined to do more in progress shots, which people always seem to like (as do i when i look at other artists work).

thank you for checking in, wherever you may be!  the internet is an amazing thing.

have a wonderful day,



April 21, 2015

who are you looking at?

3x5", acrylic on panel

this is joshua, whom i adopted from SCRAPS here in spokane, after he was found with his siblings in a bag on the side of the road, as cast away tiny kittens. he was a sick little guy when i first brought him home, but he is now healthy and extremely demanding, as all cats should be.  and talks non stop.   honestly, it's hard to take yourself too seriously when you are having an earnest conversation with a cross-eyed siamese.

April 14, 2015

the shower curtain game

3x5", acrylic on panel

this is caleb.  i adopted him from a rescue organization in oregon state 6 years ago, and can barely remember life before him and his little brother joshua came along.  they are both siamese with big voices and big personalities, eat raw organic food, and BELONG on the bed.

March 29, 2015

perspective 2

6x6", acrylic on canvas panel

March 27, 2015


6x6", acrylic on canvas panel

January 30, 2015

looking at the future

6x6", oil on gessobord


January 01, 2015

Jade in Paris

24x30", acrylic on canvas