June 28, 2015


…in the studio working on a new series.

is now live!

i'm hoping that this new site with its fresher look is easier on the eyes and interesting to navigate, and am looking forward to a slightly more focused path (but of course always reserving the right to deviate from time to time :-)

there is a blog page on the website that will serve as a place for my ramblings, news and new painting info, shows etc, or you can sign up for updates/new painting notifications.  i'm tempted to simply use instagram instead of posting actual blog entries but we'll see how it goes.  it's pretty easy to take a photo and caption it…and maybe i'd be more inclined to do more in progress shots, which people always seem to like (as do i when i look at other artists work).

thank you for checking in, wherever you may be!  the internet is an amazing thing.

have a wonderful day,