November 06, 2013

karen's angel

8x10", acrylic on canvas

i don't usually post commission pieces on my blog or website, mainly because they are often a personal and private nature between myself and the client, plus usually not my own design or concept.  not to mention, i rarely photograph them in progress.  i also rarely paint a piece using the grisaille method, but this time i did...AND i photographed it during progression!  the main challenge of this painting was obviously the faded photo and poem printed over it, so the simplest way to stay on track and develop it in an organized fashion with less risk of overemphasizing color here or there, seemed to be to take care of the lights and darks first, then glaze with color.  i have to admit, as i painted this sweet puppy, i pretty much fell in love with her.  hopefully i captured the innocence and simplicity of her love for her guardian, in an un-stylized, direct way.  

{and of course, i had supervision...}